High interest for the ChemAnalyser on IPI Confex 2016

Succesfull introduction of ChemAnalyser Alpha-Version

On last weeks IPI Confex in Munich infoapps presented the alpha version of the ChemAnalyser for the first time to a broader audience.

Many international attendees visited the infoapps booth to get a first impression of the ChemAnalyser as well as the applications infoPatent and Sem-IP.com. In impressive live presentations the infoapps team presented the ChemAnalyser to the interested audience. Visitors also had the opportunity to test the ChemAnalyser by themselves.

Although there was presented just the alpha version with restricted functionality, the reactions were overwhelmimg. So ChemAnalyser appears to become a true alternative to comparable solutions like SciFinder and STN.

The release of the full version will be in the middle of April. Then there also will be free trial accounts available. To reserve your free trial account please click here. 

To learn more about the ChemAnalyser just keep on browsing on this Website or contact us.