ChemAnalyser very well received at EPOPIC 2016

Presenting ChemAnalyser at EPOPIC 2016, 7-9 November in Madrid

At this year´s EPOPIC in Madrid from 7th to 11th November, infoapps had the opportunity of introducing the ChemAnalyser to the European patent community.

In our seminar session and also at our booth in the exhibitors hall, many visitors came together to learn more about the ChemAnalyser. In live presentations our company staff showed the advantages oft the application and how it could be a superior alternative to comparable solutions like STN or the SciFinder. People also took the chance to try the ChemAnalyser by themselves, and their first reactions and feedback have been very enthusiastic.

In addition to the ChemAnalyser, infoapps of-course presented new features of our other applications infoPatent and wich also gained high interested among the European patent professionals.

Infoapps would like to thank everybody who visited our seminar and our booth during the four conference days in Madrid. We had a lot of interesting talks and were pleased to meet a lot of familiar faces and meet many new ones as well.

We look forward to meeting you next year in Sofia.

Your infoapps team.