Infoapps is a software developer based in munich, germany.

For over 15 years, infoapps’ software solutions have empowered diverse clients – from Enterprise Patent Managers, Developers, Patent Attorneys to Professional Patent Searchers and Patent Examiners – executing their IP-work in a highly efficient way.

With infoapps’ newest invention – the ChemAnalyser – both the scientific community and the industry are now able to search for chemical information in a way never seen before.

Infoapps develops and distributes the following software-solutions:

  • infoPatent – innovative family-consolidated in-house patent information System
  • infoPatent classifier – automated classification of IP-Information
  • – semantic full-text Intellectual Property Search
  • ChemAnalyser – chemical online database

For all users and different cases, infoapps provides customized out-of-the-box solutions, thus helping clients to solve some of their toughest research and development challenges. This makes infoapps the provider of choice for patent and chemical information systems used by patent specialists and enterprises worldwide.

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OntoChem IT Solutions GmbH is based in Halle (Saale), Germany.

OntoChem develops industrial scale, customized high performance text- and knowledge mining software solutions. OntoChem’s novel and innovative cutting-edge technologies in computer science and information retrieval are  providing added value to customers by:

  • developing and applying cognitive computing solutions
  • creating intranet and internet data indexing and semantic search solutions
  • Big Data analytics for technology driven businesses
  • supporting product development and surveillance

and delivering useful tools for knowledge discovery:

  • creating background knowledge ontologies
  • high-throughput semantic document processing and annotation
  • knowledge mining by extracting relationships
  • exploiting the full potential of full text documents & databases while also scanning social media, news flows and analyzing web-pages

The key to OntoChem’s advanced solutions is called,cognitive computing which means a non-trivial extraction of implicit, unknown, and useful information from databases, web pages and e-documents such as patents or scientific literature. Our novel tools and algorithms allow to interconnect domain specific ontologies, aiming at an unprecedented, efficacious understanding of text, subsequent knowledge extraction and inference. The application of OntoChem methods towards chemical compounds and their properties supports our customers in generating intellectual property and their use as novel therapeutics, agrochemical products, nutraceuticals, cosmetics or even innovative materials in material sciences.

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