Our Philosophy:

As recognized specialists for research products both in chemistry and non-chemistry, we have long been dissatisfied with the availability, performance, and prices of products in this field. As a consequence we decided to pool our resources for the development of the largest and most extensive chemical database online - ChemAnalyser.

We - that is the German company "infoapps" with our proven expertise on patent research and as a highly experienced provider of global patent literature. And it is "Ontochem" who have developed a worldwide unique technology, pioneering integrated chemical and biomedical ontologies for semantic data mining, correct detection of chemical compounds, genes, proteins and their relationship to diseases and other effects.

Our novel and innovative product ChemAnalyser focuses on literature (patent and non-patent) of the domains Biomedicine, Chemistry, LifeScience and other related areas. ChemAnalyser aims at assisting researchers and developers as well as chemical literature researchers, to sift through the flood of available data fast, efficiently, and in a well-structured way. The results are then sorted by their scientific relevance, and thus help improving and accelerating the working results.

After years of intense joint development and after thorough testing we finally reached our goal: a highly performing chemical searching application with the biggest underlying chemical database worldwide.

Combined with its affordable pricing scheme we are sure, that the ChemAnalyser will revolutionize the field of chemical searching and make chemical information accessible to a wider range of the scientific community.

In our opinion easily accessible knowledge is the key value for further scientific developments - with the ChemAnalyser we hope to contribute our part.