Identifying other uses and applications

Small molecules and especially natural products often have a variety of known different physiological activities and/or protein binding partners. The broad range of compound properties can be extracted from scientific literature, books, databases or web pages.

Physiological activities on the other hand are connected to the activity of defined signalling pathways that in turn are dependend on specific proteins. Therefore, from pure protein binding data one may conclude on alternative activities of compounds and hence alternative use cases in pharma, cosmetics or nutraceutical applications.

Similarly, material science properties of small molecules may directly translate into novel applications of compounds.

Novel use cases may be checked for novelty and inventive steps by checking prior art in the chemanalyser federeated non-patent and patent literature search. Therefore, chemanalyser with its comprehensive, cognitive full-text automated annotation is an ideal platform to discover prior art and support freedom to operate opinions on proposed other uses and applications for small molecules or chemical materials.