Recognition of structural and non-structural chemistry


It’s all about meaning

ChemAnalyser uses high performance semantic natural language processing that differs tremendously from the conventional CAS search process. Our semantic search algorithm understands the meaning of your search request, recognizes chemical structures as well as non-structural chemistry, and simultaneously annotates full text patent and non-patent scientific literature. 

Up to 70 databases included

To facilitate cognitive searching and finding more valid structural and non-structural chemistry data, ChemAnalyser uses up to 70 background knowledge dictionaries and databases (ontologies, taxonomies or vocabularies).  These knowledge databases contain millions of knowledge concepts, their synonyms, and links to other knowledge areas. For example, internationally recognized diseases, species, anatomy, genes, proteins, peptides, physiological effects, different utilities, but also company names or geographical locations are annotated. If you are interested in the knowledge databases used within ChemAnalyser, please don’t hesitate to ask for a complete list.

Accelerate and simplify your search

ChemAnalyser uses automatic annotation based on innovative algorithms that speeds up the process in finding relevant chemical data of your needs – from chemical structures and chemical structure drawings via chemical formulas to non-structural chemistry data. In full text search, each domain is annotated inline using different colours. This highlighting makes it easier to find the most important chemical terms within huge full-text results in less time.. ChemAnalyser uses national and international patent databases, chemistry libraries, and valid chemical data and chemical structure sources across the Internet. This huge chemical data pool not only accelerates, but also simplifies your patent search.

Superior cognitive search

More and more relevant chemical data like chemical formulas, complex chemical structures, and chemical structure drawings through our superior cognitive search technology.

What means cognitive search?

Cognitive search goes far beyond what is known from conventional search engines today. For example, if you are searching for the term “steroid”, the smart algorithm behind ChemAnalyser is searching for all known compounds to be considered as steroids by chemical experts.

How functions cognitive search?

The cognitive search engine behind ChemAnalyser understands the meaning of a chemical term like “steroids” and “knows” steroids are a class of different chemical compounds with similar chemical structures. This whole class is than classified automatically and displayed in your search results list. In the same way, our cognitive search engine uses other knowledge domains like diseases “inflammation” or utility such as “contraceptives”.  Cognitive search even allows asking high level questions to be searched for – like “steroids that are contraceptives” and a lot more.

Patent-adapted full text annotation

With up to 300 pages, sentences spanning several pages, and a highly complex document structure, patent search represents a particular challenge to search engines. The patent example section and the claim section, for example, have a special meaning in composition of matter patents. Thus, our full text annotation engine has been adapted to the special needs of searching of and in patent documents. The special document structure and meaning are thus recognized easily and fast. As each annotation is counted per section, our full text annotation engine enables a tailormade document part search even of the most complex patent documents.

Repeated annotation

Whereas other search engines like the Scifinder annotate patents only once, our industrial high speed annotation engine enables repeated annotation. Whenever updates of the used background databases are available, the whole document collection of 150 million full text documents is annotated again. This means, the recognition of structural and non-structural chemistry in ChemAnalyser is up-to-date and delivers more relevant results regarding your search.

You want to know more about our novel search concept and the innovative technology behind ChemAnalyser? Our dedicated team of experts is waiting for your call.