ChemAnalyser - the cutting edge chemical online database

ChemAnalyser is the latest generation of chemical knowledge database, developed for Life Science, Biologics, Cosmetics, Nutrition, Polymers, Material Science and Chemistry. Innovative and unique IT technology provides access to the world’s most com­ prehensive source of chemistry related information in different languages. The easy-to-use and fast online platform fulfills the highest standards in data retrieval and data mining. Experience now, why ChemAnalyser provides better, and more relevant output!


Largest chemical knowledge base

  • More than 5 billion mentions of chemical compounds, substances and compound classes
  • Chemistry and full-text search in patent and non-patent literature
  • Smart self-learning chemical classification

Smart, fast, easy

  • High quality hits through context-based structural and non-structural research
  • Cognitive search: parents, children, synonyms, structures, languages
  • Relevance-based hit list, including expected relations

Novel and innovative

  • Finding misspelled names and artefacts
  • Idea generator for alternative applications 

What are my benefits using ChemAnalyser?

  • Speed and easy usability
  • Chemical data coverage
  • Chemical classification and completeness
  • High-quality chemical data
  • Cognitive structure and non-structure search
  • New innovative kind of relevance ranking

Because of this,

I will find more relevant information faster!

Why has ChemAnalyser more than 5 Billion Compounds?

It is a combination of full-text data and chemical annotation. We have combined global full-text data of patent and non-patent literature with the recognition of chemical data in structural and non-structural context.

These innovations make for the most comprehensive chemical data pool in ChemAnalyser.

Why is ChemAnalyser so easy to use?


It is the successful combination of user requests and our own year-long experience in this field. With this in mind, we designed an intuitive and simple user interface for researchers and information experts. To efficiently handle the massive amount of underlying data, ChemAnalyser understands the meaning behind your search and is able to sort the result list by order of relevance regarding this meaning. Search all data in less than just one second.

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